Study Resources

40 Day Devotional

The Elijah Project: 40 Day Devotional.
A 40 day devotional that allows you to realize and reflect on The Elijah Project principals.

Project Book

The Elijah Project book: The story behind the workbook. Andrea shares her journey from burnout to re-engagement after being touched by Elijah’s story.

The Elijah Project Bundle

The Elijah Project workbook
The Elijah Project Book (My Protector, My Provider) and 40 Day Devotional (Living the Elijah Project).

The Elijah Project Teen Workbook

This workbook offers Elijah’s story and activities to help your teen reflect on their journey. This is designed for teens 13 and beyond.

The Elijah Project Game

The game featured in Catching Faith, is an open ended question and answer game that helps family members of all ages share what God is teaching them on their journey.

The Elijah Project Kids Workbook

This workbook shares Elijah’s story in an engaging way for kids. The coloring activities introduce kids to telling and sharing their story.

The Elijah Project Workbook

The Elijah Project Workbook: The Elijah Project workbook is a self care study full of interactive activities that offer an opportunity for reflection. The workbook follows Elijah”s story and offers the opportunity for you to unearth your story. The Elijah Project offers a simple model for health and healing: Realize, Reflect, Reconcile, Rest and Re-Engage.

The Elijah Project Family Kit

The Family kit is an affordable way to sample all The Elijah Project material. The kit includes: adult workbook, teen workbook, kid workbook, The Elijah Project book, Living the Elijah Project (40 day devotional) and The Elijah Project game.

Small Group Starter Pack with Movie

This pack provides everything you need to start an Elijah Project small group for 6 participants. Pack includes: 6 workbooks, books and devotionals. The movie, Catching Faith.
6 beautiful Elijah Project mini-posters, great as completion certificates

Elijah Project mini-posters

Commemorate the conclusion of your Elijah Project journey with a 81/2 by 11 poster.